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Monday, March 30, 2015
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Shade structures, new truck get council OK
The Brandon City Council was in a “buying” mood on March 2, approving both a park amenity and a truck for the city maintenance department. Combined, the two purchases amounted to more than $115,000. | Full Story 

Police report: 3/10
• Gas skip reported in 1000 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised.
• Public assist in 100 block of North Pipestone Street.
• Check well-being of juvenile in 1310 block of East Sylvan Circle, checked OK.
• Danielle Mae Link, 28, arrested for shoplifting, warrant service and possession of marijuana and controlled substance.
• Medical emergency in 110 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star.
• Check well-being of subject in 1300 block of East Sylvan Circle, checked OK, advised.
• Car-deer accident in 2000 block of East Aspen Boulevard, $500.
• Medical emergency in 900 block of South Sioux Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star. | Full Story 

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