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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Junior Achievement comes into BVHS classrooms

April 17. 2012 10:45AM
Brandon Valley High School is partnering with Junior Achievement of South Dakota to offer the “Excelling through Ethics” curriculum developed by JA. Leaders from Brandon and the surrounding area have been recruited and trained to deliver the classes with the goal of helping students to understand the role of ethics in the workplace and life. The district appreciates all those who have volunteered to help lead the discussions with our high school youth.

The “Excelling through Ethics” program will help students define “ethics” through discussion of ethical decision making processes that can help them better react to ethical dilemmas in their personal and professional lives. Students will evaluate “real world” scenarios that require ethical decisions and will better understand their responsibility as individuals to society and stakeholders at work. The local executives and leaders will emphasize the importance of ethics in the workplace.

Junior Achievement is also active in the district’s elementary and middle schools delivering a variety of personal finance and economic topics to our students. JA is funded entirely through donations. Getting our local business people into the classrooms brings “real life” credibility to these important topics that helps make the instruction very effective. Across South Dakota, JA provided programming for over 44,000 students last year.

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